Why hasn't he made a move even though he acts like he likes me?

So there's this guy I am newly friends with who I met originally online a while back. We just met in real life like only a month ago and we have hung out a lot already. I think he likes me but he hasn't kissed me or done anything like that and I can't figure out why so I wanted your guys' opinions.
Here are some reasons I think he likes me and whatnot.
I have slept over at his house in his bed with him twice. We cuddled one of the times for a little while and he was also kinda holding my hand. But nothing happened other than that.
I went camping with him and his friends recently and him and I were on an air mattress together and we literally cuddled all night long. Again, that's all that happened though.
He asked me to go get dinner with him one time and he paid for it. Didn't say it was a date though.
He posts pictures/videos of me on his snapchat and doesn't post any of other girls.
I've met all of his close friends already and even his parents once.
His friends sometimes make certain comments about us like "Oh was this supposed to be a couples only thing?"
The only reason I can think of as to why he hasn't really made a move yet is because, as he has told me, he doesn't catch feelings for girls easily at all and if he does, he has to be only friends with them first.


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  • He definitely has already made his move.. Him cuddling and holding hands is to show you that he clearly likes you.. He telling you that he doesn't catch feelings for girls easily was to let you know that you're special as he fell for you.. He not going for kissing and not making sexual moves when alone and just cuddling are to let you know that he's not just into for your body..
    Guys do these kind of things cause the society has made men sex monsters and this makes some of being closed about our real feelings..
    He might have had urges to kiss and get in your pants but he's surely controlling it to show you he's not just in for sex and he genuinely care about you ( I mean cuddling is the best way I believe to say out loud that I care ) ...
    Next time you should let him know that you're comfortable with him and want to go ahead.. go slow and slowly initiate a kiss... If he kisses back then.. you know what to do next.. go wild..
    If he doesn't.. talk out to him.. cause him cuddling and such clearly shows he likes you.. he might be a little under confident or something.. Hear him out.. It'll surely help..
    Hope for the best for you :) Cheers


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  • Well he told you why he is becoming your freind first and getting to know you better before jumping off of the deep end. He also sounds like he is a slow moving guy. It takes me a few dates before I try to kiss a girl but then I'm a really slow mover. I'm happy if I get to hold her hand and get a good bye hug.
    Either you wait for him to "make his move" or you go for it yourself. You don't know how long he will take. If he can control himself around you like that then he is a good keeper.

  • Well he told you already why. Unless you make the first move you may be waiting months or years for him to since he "doesn't catch feelings easily".


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  • He probably thinks that you're going to say "no".