Why she de-activated her facebook after I proposed her?

- She gave me signs that she liked me, She had a crush on me (maybe to the point where she was obsessed with me) by the way she acted around me.
- So I said to her "I Like You", she walked away smilingly and always make eye contact with me now smilingly.
- All my friends say , "dude, whats wrong with this girl, she was so cold earlier and now she always seems happy"
- I was stalking her on fb and she did not know it, but since the day I told her about my feelings, she deactivated her fb, why would a woman do it?

  • She deactivated fb because she thinks of you as her ultimate man, and doesn't want to explore more options or complicate things, because she thinks you are the best.
  • She deactivated fb because she wants to dump her current boyfriend and jump on you.
  • Others (please give opinions)
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What Girls Said 2

  • Take into consideration how well you know this person. Maybe she just isn't that interested in you (believe me, signs can be very decieving), and now she feels awkward with the whole situation.

  • She's not interested in you


What Guys Said 1

  • Are you by chance Indian, you sound like a creepy Indian guy