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me and my ex were together for 4 years we are now 20 and have a 2 year old son. we fought a lot and he moved out about a month ago and started dating another girl 2 days later who just turned 19. it broke my heart in a million pieces and the shock just stopped so now I'm trying to get over it

but this past Saturday when it was his day/night with his son he tried to have sex with me and kissed me and hugged me constantly telling me he loves me and does care for me still and is attracted to me and he's confused and then he told me he loves his gf...in my head I just thought to myself how can you love a girl after dating her for 3 weeks? I didn't have sex with him because I knew emotionally it wasn't what's best for me. I know he's in a rebound relationship and I am very close with his parents who feel like they know he's just confused and its a rebound relationship and he will regret it. I mean I don't get how any guy can leave their family. it hurts and I just don't understand what he wants or what he could want! or what's best for me?


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  • Hes confused, no matter what the real problem is or how he really feels. Since you have kids, you have to think very seriously if you want him in your and thier lives, and in what way. I would suggest consouling to try to identify and fix the problem. If he is reluctent to get help, make it an ultimatum, either he goes or he loses everthing you 2 had.

    • I mean like I do love him and wish we could work out

      but maybe him being with another girlfriend in a rebound which is such an immature relationship if they are already saying they love each other is best...maybe sooner or later he will realize what he had

      and I have told him he can't have us both and it seems like he has chosen what he wants cause he's still with her and not with me after I told him how I feel

      so I don't know what more I can do

    • When someone doesn't want to do something, you can't ever make them if they don't want to. so yeah, all you can do is decide how you are going to deal with it. its up to you to decide if you WANT to wait for him to realize what he lost, or move on yourself.

    • Thats just the thing though as dumb as it may sound...I don't know how to even begin moving on!

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  • Guys just reaaaally like women. And he probably thought, hey if I can get two girls at once, awesome. It's dumb, I know.

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking as welll

      like a huge part of him thought he could have both of us

      and now its like I ask myself

      how can he be happy with her when he's the one who tried all that on saturday and said everything he said!

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