Amazing connection, two different countries... Any advice?

Basically, I'm from UK and I went out to LA for a month. Met a girl and we have such a strooooong connection. We've been chatting now for 2 months and we facetime and text every day. I booked out a flight for January to see her for her birthday and we were both looking forward to it. Until recently she says "a lot can happen in 4 months... what if you meet someone and start dating or vice versa here?" I told her that me booking my flight is a confirmation of how I feel about her. She still says she likes me etc but had mixed emotions last weekend about it all. And she isn't as chatty as usual. I want to eventually move out to LA to follow my dreams and she knows that's my plan. Everything is perfect and we have so many inside jokes and it's like we've known each other for years in the space of 2 months.

Any advice as to how she may be feeling would be good or as to how I should approach this. We're great together and I want to be there in LA but money, visas etc to stay for a long time make it hard.


Oh we also sent cute letters to each other saying how much we mean to each other. Both our families know about one another too. I just don't get what seems like a sudden change in mood towards me...


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  • Ah dude I flew to Texas to meet someone who ended up rejecting me (I'm also from the Uk). We met on here actually. Spent months getting to know one another, romantic, flirting etc for him to just totally crush me the moment I was leaving. Sucked. I hope things go better for you.

    • Maybe I'm just thinking into too much I don't know. :/ sorry that happened to you

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    • Haha noooo, she messaged to say she has been stressed and has a lot of stuff to deal with so is having mixed emotions about it all. You helped me with that last girl too, not having much look am I?😂

    • Well maybe it just stress then? And same dude, I'm really unlucky in love myself :/

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  • Lol it is true 4 months things can happen she probs met someone else


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  • Maybe she doesn't feel the same way about you.

    • Well if that is the case. Why does she keep saying she liked me so much. And it was literally a day change from saying how much she misses me to being still lovely and cute but just changed a lot. I know she works a lot but you know when something feels different? Can someone really change their mind that fast? Especially when I am willing to spend a lot fly out to them?

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    • Still doesn't mean it won't hurt any less though. It was just how fast it all happened. I'm not use to people telling me they like me so much, so I guess I got my hopes up. That's my weakness i'm afraid!

    • Well at the end of the day, it is your choice

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