How do I get guy who is intimidated by me, but likes to go out with me?

So I worked on a project with this guy a couple of months ago, and we seemed to hit it off on a professional and friendship level.

When we first met he seemed taken a back and nervous to talk to me, but loosened up when he realized that I was more than a pretty face and actually had brains and could carry my weight. He started throwing in comments when talking to me like "hottie" "babe" and "darlin."

We hung out at a couple of get togethers after the project and he would always stand by me and even bought me a beer one night. We had several various conversations and I could tell that he was intimidated because he kept smiling, joking, and keeping the conversation going but couldn't keep eye contact.

I like this guy and even went so far as to ask him to a concert, but he had to work that night. We texted back and forth for about a month and a half just limiting it to professional because I didn't want to scare him off. However, he never responded to the voice mail I last left him.

I saw him at a bar the other night and he approached me to apologize for not returning my call, but realized I was there with another guy (who was just a friend I had helped out that night). He got flustered and disappeared when I said that it was ok and I understood he was busy, but had gotten everything taken care of.

How do I get this guy to relax and realize that he has a chance with me?


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  • you say "relax you have a chance with me"


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  • Are you in a stem field? Because as a math inclined guy making eye contact feels unnatural for many of us (you can look up introvert vs extrovert mathematician for proof). He does sound nervous though maybe but he also might not be trying to ask you out if you are already in a relationship so making sure that he knows you are single is a good first step. Beyond that a compliment (on his body guys will not understand what you mean if you compliment his personality or anything like that) is probably helpful.

    • I am in the theatre field he is the sound field. I did make it clear I was single, which is when he started hanging out with production team after shows. He didn't seem to have a problem making eye contact with the other girls on the team that he knew were taken. I will try the compliment on his body. Thanks.

  • This depends how much patience you have.


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