I really like the guy I hooked up with, but he goes to school an hour away from me?

So my friend had one of her best guy friends visiting her last weekend. I mentioned that he was really hot to another one of my friends, and they set the two of us up. We hooked up and I really wasn't expecting anything besides a quick fuck and never hear from him or see him again. He had to leave for a flight at 5 in the morning (he was flying to another school to visit another friend), but when he woke up he said, "Hey I know this was a hookup but I think you're really cute- can I get your number?" I gave it to him and we texted all day the next two days. The conversation only ended because the last thing he said was a good endpoint before I had to go to a bunch of meetings. He told my friend he thought I was really awesome and she said he is literally one of the nicest guys she knows. Could this go somewhere or am I crazy?


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  • Men.. We dont care, just fuck our brains out and get the hell on !
    Jk ! Go for it, but long distance relationships are destined for destruction


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  • An hour away is nothing. If both of you are interested in each other, you could make it work. Good luck.