Do black men date Asians?

i really dig black men but it seems like they don't date Asians


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  • it's not that they hate asian woman but it has a lot of racial tension's and how the simple fact the don't wanna you to be hard to talk to and asian dating is hard asian f***ing is easy.

    • So asians are difficult to b and a relationship with

    • Not difficult but very very catious lol

    • Lol wow we're hard to talk to?...i'm asian dating a hispanic..its not hard at all

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  • u know what,

    generally black guys could use any thing, ANYTHING, watch Chris Rock's stand up :D

    but, I really think asians made it clear that they think Black people aren't gd enough for them.

    most asian girls are raciest

    • No because my step dads white and I prefer dating other types besides asian. I am cautious tho guys tend to only want one thing

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  • I would have thought that black guys would be interested in any race; especially asians