Guys, when you text a girl instead of calling?

I had a fling with this boy for over a year. We always hooked up but became good friends along the way. We loved going out for drinks, talking and having sex. Things were never going any further than what it was so things got complicated. We got into a big fight and for 5 months, we haven't spoke to one another.

Until he he called me out of the blue, that is. He was really upset and told me he'd been kicking himself for letting me go like that, and asked if I would give him another chance. We saw eachother again for the first time and we spoke like we never stopped talking. There were real feelings that we finally talked about. But in all, he's not confident in what he's looking for or about being in a relationship right now. Yet, I know he's not happy thinking about me with someone else, and wants me in his life. I told him that there's are other guys that want my time of day and are looking for a relationship, and that is a priority to me if he's not sure what he wants.

The the next day he texted me saying he thought a lot about our conversation and asked if he could call me later that night in bed. So later on he asked me if I was still up and instead of calling, he was now texting me that he really enjoyed seeing me again and wished we could snuggle and hates that we're not very close to eachother. I told him that maybe I'll visit him sometime since he's always been driving out to see me. He said he'd love me to come out to see him. But why did he decide not to call me- did he chicken out/change his mind?


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  • Fuck girls are so self destructive. Stop over thinking it. Stop over thinking everything. He's communicating with you, what the fuck does it matter if it's over text instead of the phone?

    • i know girls man
      he just wants to be with her
      and she is not getting the clue lol

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    • i hate when guys lie to themselves
      i use to do it when i was young cause of pressure from other people
      now i don't care what they think

      lets hope he stops lying to himself

    • @relaxrelax I'm a little worried for the outcome of it I feel really emotional about it. I would hope so. All along I thought he only liked me for sex so I am overwhelmed. I know he'll be in touch again soon. It's scary for me knowing this new guy wants to make it work and he's amazing too. I'm worried that this guy is going to be too late

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  • You are over-thinking it for no reason. He contacted you, right? Relax.

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