Did she want to hook up?


I am really unsure if this girl wanted to hook up (Sex) with me or not.

So I had this girl, who was a friend... I liked her, and I think she knew that.

I found out she had a boyfriend, and I stopped talking to her.

She then started chasing me for attention, telling me about her work drama but then she asked me How I was.

I felt bad, so I asked how she was doing and she went on to tell me she was doing really bad because her boyfriend and flaked on her...

They were supposed to go out, and she was sad because he flakes on her a lot...

At the time I felt like she really just wanted my attention, so I didn't say anything... She had just told me she had a boyfriend about a week prior to this too, and I really didn't want to talk to her.

Also I figured she might try a little harder if she wanted to hook up, but me saying that sucks to her just made her sad and give up.

Either she is an attention seeker, liked me or was just venting to a friend. I personally think she wanted attention, so I could ask her out and she could shoot me down to feel better... But I'm not sure.

Did she want to hook up that night?


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  • Sounds like she just wanted male attention to me. especially if she wasn't getting it from her boyfriend and she knew that you liked her. I can't really comment on more about that night without more details. But I would just leave it alone for now. Her intentions will become clear over time.

    • I really think she just wanted attention, that was my first feelings...

      I wasn't talking to her either, and her boyfriend flaked on her...

      Her intentions are not really clear and will never be.

      I think I am close to moving on now, so that is good :)

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