Trying to start now approaching girls?

There are girls at my community college, and I am looking to get know them so I can find a girlfriend, but what should I say when I approach a girl that I have never met before in order to get a conversation going?


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  • Introduce yourself to them and start a conversation asking her anything about mutual classes, professors etc.


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  • why would you want to do that? women will only bring you misery in the longterm... .

    • I'm miserable being single

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    • That is true

    • A serious relationship? Oh boy do you have a rude awakening ahead. There is no loyalty today, no morals, no true appreciation. You have this idea of what a girlfriend will be but the reality is completely different.

      Most of the girls at College are busy sleeping around with the most popular guys. I remember this time where two of my dorm guys realised they had slept with the same girl in the space of just 3 days. Think about that for a second.

      Approaching women leaves you open to sexual harassment allegations as well. Most men do not want to face this reality so they build up a fantasy in their mind.

      The term serious and relationship in this day and age is laughable.