Do you ever feel awkward on a first date?

Ever feel like the first time you're going to meet someone on a date you feel a little weird?


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  • If there's no spark or if it isn't fun yeah


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  • I'm allergic to dates 🙈🙈unless I'm aproached with the person

  • The better question si do you ever not feel awkward the first date?-lol. If you don't they are either extremely compatible with you and probably your soul mate, your both coasters or your so incompatible that you just don't sweat it.

    • Slightly confused by what you said?

      Are you saying if you don't feel awkward you are perfect for each other?

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    • Like I said the real question is "when is someone not nervous on a first date". 9 out of 10 times most people are nervous and there are few exceptions-lol. Players would fall more under what I called coasters.

    • but not all coasters are players.

      And even some players can be very awkward the first date if they are forced out of their comfort zones or unable to read the person they are going out with.

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