Clubber girls question?

Would you hang out w a stranger in the club, despite of him being unattractive, and how would you treat them if you don't want to hang out w them


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What Girls Said 1

  • I hang out with anyone who is really sweet to me I don't base my attractions on looks though it helps if they are cute but if they are not I would still hangout with them. Most of the times in clubs I don't want to "hangout" I want to dance but I would probably be happy to dance whith anyone who knows how!


What Guys Said 1

  • i generally find if the girls uninterested , she and her friends will just walk away to another part of the club most of the time or leave all together if there is other bars open nearby . if there is no where else to go she will just ignore me and yeah act uninterested or be rude to me .

    most of the time they will not make a fuss and just walk away or ignore you , and if they do that don't feel bad as its not a big deal