When should I call/text her back to make sure the date is still on?

Made a date yesterday with a girl that I want to know better. She said "sounds like a plan 😊". Should I call/text back the day of the date?


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  • Oh yeah do that for sure, its better than going somewhere and getting stood up. Shoot her a text and say something simple like looking forward to seeing you at X:pm Don't sound like you think she's going to bail like saying "are we still going out tonight"

    • Oh yes. I did that before and got stood up.

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  • Yeah that's what my guy did too. Too many flake outs happens you want to make sure she's still on it.
    It wouldn't bother her at all if she's still on it and excited to see you.

    • Ok. I was so going to do it tomorrow. So Friday (date night) is best to do it.

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