I kind of need to rant but I don't know what to do?

I'm still so in love with my ex but he doesn't feel the same about me he told me he never loved me like I loved him and he tried so hard to feel the same but never could. We broke up before and he wanted to get back together which I agreed to. Then we had another falling out and he broke up with me again and wanted to get back together but I told him repeatedly I just want to be friends but then I caved in and got back with him. This one time I wanted another chance he isn't giving me it even though I gave him chances after chances.

now that I'm trying to move on I have been talking to this guy but tonight is the third time we tried to meet up but he isn't messaging me back. When we talk we have common interests like crazy. And I'm just so confused as to why he doesn't want to meet. The last time we was busy furnishing floors or whatever.

this whole situation makes me miss my ex even move but he has even told me that doesn't want to get back with me because he feels we are so different. Which I agree but I don't mind because I love him so much. It's just so frustrating that someone could love and care for someone else sooooooo much that they don't feel the same. Literally the worse feeling ever like I can't make him like me I can't do anything about it but wait for myself to be over him.

I just want someone to love me as much as I love him but this love is so unconditional it's crazy.


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  • Wow 😰 This was so sad, I can relate to you in a way. Loving someone and trying so hard and it feels like they just don't care. About how much they are hurting you. About how much you love them. But I promise, you are going to find someone better. Someone who does love you like you deserve to be loved. And when you find that someone, this heartbreak will pass. And you will be even more in love than you were before ❤️


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  • It sucks. I know it does. But honestly, it will get better. Not overnight. But slowly, every day that goes by, you'll get better. Keep your head up and stay strong. You lived for years without him before, and you'll live for years without him beyond. Your life is what you make of it. So make the best life you can for yourself, stay positive, and know that the future holds something brighter than the past.


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