How should I talk to a girl that is a freshman if I am a junior?

Ok so I find a girl who is a freshman attractive and I want to get to know her better but I don't want to intimidate her because I am an upper classmen. So what's the best way to start a conversation with her and what would be appropriate to talk about? by the way She is on my bus's top (sad I know a junior taking the bus) and that's where I plan to talk to her lol. Not sure if this is the right catagory but..


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  • Seat beside her and talk


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  • Just talk to her, usually being older will make you more attractive to her. I have a friend who is a senior and he has even slept with like 7 sophomores and juniors. I expect freshmen might react similarly and respond positively.

    • Alright man thanks, I'm sick off talking to girls that are in my class cuz a lot are stuck up rich girls

    • Yea guys in my class usually avoid girls in my class cause 1. a lot of drama arises from it and 2. its just easier in general with girls from a different grade level/ class

    • Agreed and alright man