Guys, What did this mean when my boyfriend said this?

My boyfriend seems to be very tired from work lately and has back pains. We still comunicate everyday. In the beginning he would always text me at lunch time. Now lately he says he will try to text me tommorow if not busy.

Is his work that busy? Or is he bored of talking everyday to me?

(he still tells me he loves me and calls me babe)

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He says were in a committed relationship and we have it out in the open on social media - status and photos and he straight up told me he's happy with me


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  • I was dating a girl for about 3 weeks that wanted to text me every couple hours it seemed and honestly it turned into a second job always stopping what I was doing. However there shouldn't be an issue to at least talk at some point every day if its your boyfriend. Even if its just to say goodnight.

    • He tells me he's happy with me and he tells me loves me... he tells me his back and leg hurts him and he was standing up for his whole shift. But I did see him online at least 2 times during the day... do u think he bored of me? Or is he just tired from work?
      He always says he will text me and he does now tonight for the 1st time he said he will try to text me tommorow

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    • True he is honest and speaks straight up with me but in the first month we were texting a lot

    • He is Asian and he is very disciplined and once he committs he sticks to it. Also has parents that are protective of him and he's 27 years old

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  • if his work is back breaking I understand the pain. I it is desk, he's under a lot of stress and may need to have his heart checked out.

  • Is he wiring during lunch maybe for Overtime?

    • He did mention that his work hours for this week changed a bit

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    • Ya there's a 45minute distance - we meet on weekends and sometimes every other weekend

    • 45 minute drive? That's not bad at all. Ask to leave work early one day and go make him dinner and take care of him. This sounds like he's just not having a good week. Exhausted, tired, in pain, working too much lol

  • I think he might just be busy and beat from work. I'm like him I put in many hours. try to see her at least Sunday. Sometimes i can't text due to rural area i work at.

    • My boyfriend repairs furnaces. Usually that our routine texting at lunch break everyday but tonight for the 1st time he said he will try to text me tommorow... am I over thinking? Or is he bored of me?

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    • Just these last 2 weeks

    • He still has our photos and staus up and it's public

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