This guy I've been talking to said to me "go fuck yourself you dumb bitch!" What do I do?

To give some context:

I've known him for three years but i've never entertained being in a relationship with him even until now. From when we first met he's always flirted with me, has sent me sweet things etc. Now that i've been single for the last 7 months and have been in contact with him more, he's really, really grown on me and I'm really getting to like him. Though we never set boundaries and discussed what it is we have going here, we literally talk, text, snapchat everyday. Fast forward to a couple of days ago, he sent me a goofy picture that I screenshotted on snapchat. Now in the three years, going on four years, i've known him i've never screenshotted him, but he's personally sent me photos of himself, his friends, family, unsolicited dick and dick print pics etc. that are all saved in our conversations Anyway, he asks me "why did you do that?" and I responded "because it was hilarious?" and he say's "Go fuck yourself you dumb bitch!"-He's never yelled at me, cursed at me, or called me names before but I AM IN SHOCK. Never would have I expected this kind of reaction and behavior from him. I'm hurt, disgusted and disappointed in him and to be honest the potential relationship (even though I feel like we were already involved emotionally if that makes sense) that could've been. I really like him and don't want to cut him off, but I do not and will not tolerate anyone talking to me that way and I don't know what to do...


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  • wow.. sounds bipolar as hell. I wouldn't contact him at all until he tries to talk to you. Coming with an apology, not pretending like nothing happened. Thats a pretty serious reaction to something completely pointless.

    • He's been calling and texting me apologizing saying that he's being going through some things lately and that his reaction was uncalled for. He even said that he's going to speak with a therapist and took a picture of the appointment card as proof of how sorry he is I guess, but I haven't responded to him. Should I?

    • Yeah it sounds like he knows he messed up pretty bad, I would want to talk to someone in person after something like that. At least hear him out after all the years you've know him. Let him know how ridiculous that was and you won't be hanging around to deal with stuff like that.

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  • What was the picture of and what did you do with it? You kind of gloss over it.

    • He literally was just making a silly face and I haven't done anything with it. The only reason I screenshotted it, was so have it as a reaction picture in our conversation as he's done to me with mine.

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