Why won't he say if it's a date or not?

My new guy friend invited me to see a concert and when I asked if it was a date or just as friends he said "Not sure how you wanna call it i just wanna show you a good time"
Whats that supposed to mean?
he's very outgoing, I'm very shy. He sorta took me under his wing and is very nice helping me a lot and trying to get me to talk more. He's very flirty and friendly, but it's his personality, but he pays special attention to me.
I just wanted to know where we stand.


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  • It’s so sweet the way you describe it. And I do understand your sentiment. It’s sort of the system, either it’s a date ir it’s not, and you’re supposed to let each other know first.

    But sometimes you just can’t get information. And it’s your job to just enjoy it and silence your ego screaming to security and safety. It’s kind of nice to just like someone, right? I mean, just enjoy liking him. He clearly likes you, there’s no question about it. It IS a date in that sense.

    You don’t need a “commitment” or a definition of what’s going on. Love just is, there’s no beginning and no end. So try to just enjoy it.

    Does that help at all?

  • Yeah you gave him a perfect opportunity, however maybe he isn't feeling sure that you like him back and didn't want to answer one way or the other in case you didn't want it to be a date. I would go to the concert and let the actions speak instead of worrying about it right now.


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