MIXED SIGNALS? Guys, seriously, what's up? Texting responses and dates?

Recently started seeing a new guy; his response schedule has always been haphazard; at least a few hours to half a day before a response (but a response 90% of them). His responses are always more than just a "Hey" or a "What's up"; he will always bring up either something that he remembered is going on with me, or he will send me something funny or something that reminded him of something I said. He doesn't text for booty calls or anything. He has also mentioned that he has a crazy schedule most days. We've been on 3 dates thus far that have been very, very engaging and fun (no less than 4 hours spent on each date). He always talks about "the next time" we hang out, and asks what my week looks like, but won't make definite plans until later in the week, like Thursday or Friday (we both prefer weekends). Should I be concerned about his texting response time and the lack of making definite plans after each date? He usually asks what I'm doing that week, and will say he wants to take me out. But it takes a few days before he sets a time... Am I overthinking? Or should I just go with the fact that he has, thus far, planned some really great dates, and we've both had a great time, and he always follows up? Also we agreed from date 1 to be pretty upfront about being honest about whether we could see it going anywhere... and he hasn't said otherwise?


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  • It sounds like you are overthinking the living shit out of it :P I deal with all sorts of people, and you just have to realize some people don't look at their phone a lot. I even know some girls that literally leave their phone on silent and look at it whenever they get a chance.

    I wish I could do this myself because it is kind of annoying being on a digital leash, I just have to be staring at my phone non-stop because of my business. Basically I have totally given up on trying to translate communication behavior of the opposite sex because it seems to lead into sitting around analyzing everything when you could be doing something else, which is what they are most likely doing lol.

    The only thing that counts to me is how someone acts in person

  • I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but im acting the same way with a girl Im dating and to be honest, although I do like her im not that crazy for her, so I will see her when i have free time instead of finding time no matter what to see her. Its the same with texts, i will reply when i have the time, im not continously expecting her msgs to write back asap.

    I would say he's interested but not that much.


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