Why don't you talk instead of talking about that person, if you have a problem with the place being dirty?

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  • I agree, if they haven't got the decency to tell you to your face then they should keep their mouths shut instead of gossiping behind your back

    • I do agree to that, and instead of publicize the fact and maybe embarrass that person. Or stand up discuss or evaluate the situation n relationship. Its been a year n u just now have a problem?

    • Yes , it's unkind to humiliate and embarrass people. Besides, if their house is dirty or messy there could be underlying reasons why. The person could be suffering from depression or going through an emotional time and literally suffering from exhsustion

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  • Girl say whaaaa

  • It's an awkward 1 as that person might not want to offend you but a true friend or decent partner will tell you to your face rather than tell us others.

    I have people on my family that I tell as one really smells and the house is a dump I've even cleaned the whole house in a bid to get them on the right track and on top of things but it was a mess again shortly after! ultimately if someone is that way inclined there's not a lot u can do. But it's disrespectful to talk behind your back!

    And if your a woman if your house ain't clean you sint wifey material and it would make me wonder about your intimate hygeine and how clean you are lol