Should I move in with my navy boyfriend?

Background: late 20s, live on my own, out of school and have a career job in. He and I met 8 years ago in college and reconnected 9 months ago. He's now in the navy (3yrs) and has been deployed for 4 months so far.

Dilemma: We don't live in the same state so we haven't seen each other since we reconnected. Once he's back from being deployed he's moving closer to me and he wants to move in together... I haven't been in a serious relationship in 5-6 years and I'm worried. We have great chemistry and have lived out our 20s. We also have similar views in relationships and family.



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  • My daughter did that. I now call the guy my son-in-law. :-)

    • Similar situation?

    • He only has 3 more months

    • Quite similar, except they met in high school, lost contact, then reconnected several years later. My daughter moved to where he was stationed after they got married on one of his trips back home. He has been deployed before when he got out of basic, but his current job is only available on carriers and on-shore so he has pretty much exclusive shore duty, but nothing is guaranteed by the military.

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  • Well, is he on shore duty or sea duty? If he is on sea duty, I don't recommend it.

    • I actually don't mind the distance. May that be the reason you ask?

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    • He has 3 months left

    • I'd wait those 3 months until he's on permanent shore duty not just home for deployment. We get extremely busy during work ups before going out to sea. It's stressful. Anyway, those are just my two cents.