Do you think its selfish of woman to suddenly want more responsible men as they get older?

I am not talking about all woman only those who actually do this. And by this I mean when they are in their early 20s reject and want nothing to do with the typical hardworking, responsible, focused guys who strive to get good grades and do well in school/college because they are too boring and instead spend their time chasing the exciting, over the top outgoing, life of the party kinda guys.

And as they get older (typically late 20s and early 30s) and want to settle down they revert back to those responsible guys who know have stable jobs and who they used to ignored a few years back. Because those party guys won't make decent enough long term partners, from their point of view.

My opinion is that woman who do this are selfish and they have no right to those kind of responsible men when they used to ignore them. The woman who do have the right to pursue them are those that didn't ignore and reject them in the first place.

If a girl likes party guys, then great, good for her. But damn, she has to stick with it, marry one and raise a family with one. She doesn't deserve any of the other guys.


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  • A lot of girls are more immature than others and vise versa. I'm not into partiers. I like resposible women and men. I at 19 have a husband and 7 month old daughter. Sometimes I wonder what I'd be doing if I weren't with my husband with a daughter, but I'm very glad I have them. I'm living the life of a partier can fun sometimes but in the end I feel like it would be a lonely life. I like women who respect themselves, have a job, are ambitious, silly, smart, have a sense of humor, and have a strong Heart. My husband has all of these qualities and more.

    I agree with what you are saying to a point, but in my opinion when these women mature and want the responsible men, then they deserve a responsible man. It would be different if they are still immature. If they're still immature then no, they should not be settling down.

    • If they ignored and rejected them in the past, then no they dont deserve them, they should stick with the type of guys they chose in the first place, not jump what they would consider a sinking ship.

    • Oh okay. Yeah that's true. If they turned down a responsible man for the party life, and then went back to him, he needs to give her a big fat fuck you.

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  • I think it might be selfish because you can't just give it up easily to some dumb tool and then expect courting behavior later on (How do you think that makes the guy feel, and how would you feel about that guy? Also it would never be true love, yes you want stability, but now your only marrying for stability and the sex wouldn't feel that great, which is bound to lead to divorce... How does this effect the kids? Because people learn best by example, and as they say like produces like, or the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If your slutty, no matter how much you try to hide it, it's going to show on your face. Especially your eyes. People are going to see what's up.
    If you truly learned your lesson, then I think you should marry other guys that had similar experiences and learned their lesson.
    The responsible guys would never truly be able to love her anyways because true love need reciprocation.


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  • It's called learning and life. We could say the same about men. Do they seem to settle down and marry the 21 year old party girl doing keg stands with her bleach blonde hair and boob job? No they wait till she settles down a little.

    • If they rejected and ignored the good girls from the start, then they dont deserve the later down the road.

  • Selfish? No...
    Annoying for men? Probably...
    But eventually a girl wants a man who she knows will provide.. ans will give her babies. Lol. Not all... just SOME... partying gets old after a while... depending on when u start, is when it becomes dull...

  • Maybe she changed and wants someone with similar values? Like seriously who stays exactly the same their entire lives? So if this is your mindset do you have the same view as the reverse or are you just bitter? Do those party guys have no right to turn around later in life and want respectable, responsible and hard working women?

    • If they ignored, rejected and wanting nothing to do with those woman then they dont deserve them later on.

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    • I am sure they would love to have it both ways, party guys when they are young and responsible guys when they want to create a family, but I think its selfish and I'll leave it at that. Why should they get both ways

    • Why do you even care? If you don't want them, then you won't have anything to do with them. Why are you so concerned about anyone else's life? And what you said was stupid. You said if you "somehow magically knew that she would ignore when we were both 21" how? How would you even know that? You're not a mind reader, there's plenty of people with different personalities that love each other. Just because someone was more outgoing than you doesn't mean they would've ignored you and even if they did who freaking cares? You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea, just like they won't. Just find a girl who is like you right now at this age, marry her and spend your life with her and then you won't have to worry about other people finding happiness. You're too distracted by your own misery.

  • My question is, who are you to decide what "rights" these girls have, or what they "deserve"?

    • I am just stating my opinion, I think its selfish, thats all

    • There's nothing wrong with wanting "party" guys, just stick with it, thats all am saying.

    • There is no logic to your opinion except that you want to punish girls for rejecting you while you're young.

      If a girl grows up, matures, and finds a responsible, hardworking man who loves her, then why shouldn't she marry him? Who does it hurt?

  • I'm not following you. Why does it bother you so much?

    • Because they think they can have it both ways. They might as well tell the guy "oh, I am sorry I won't date you now since you are boring, dont party and let loose but come back in a few years when I will be planning to settle down and make a family, we can start something then"

    • Again, why does it matter?

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  • As she gets older, I would hope she wants more responsible men.