Should I be concerned about my boyfriend’s Facebook habits :(?

We’ve been together for 6 months after talking online. Since day 1, he’s always been an active Facebook user and uses Facebook Messenger a lot, even when he’s with me. He’s got over 900 friends, whereas I only have 300 (people I’ve met in person.)

Anyway, his FB habits have made me feel a bit worried:

- He has new friends added each week, mostly girls who I don’t know and aren’t that local (I’ve no idea how he ends up becoming friends with them)

- He “likes” random pictures, such as selfies etc.

- There’s this one girl he’s mentioned who’s a friend, and she likes ALL of his statuses and messages him on FB all the time.

This is only what I know about. He never hides his phone when talking to people in my presence. When I asked him why he’s so active on there, he just said he likes chatting to people which is fair enough. He’s a naturally friendly guy and very easy to talk too, but I’m worried his friendliness is giving the wrong impression to these girls. My boyfriend is not the romantic type at all, has never flirted with me and wouldn’t know if a girl was hitting on him.

I’d never stoop low enough to go through his phone but his Facebook habits have me on edge, and that one girl who always like his stuff/talks to him, is starting to grate on me. I know it’s a silly issue... it's so silly that I don't even want to raise it with him without sounding a stupid teenager.

I trust him, I really do, but I can’t get my head around why he interacts with so many people (mostly girls)?


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  • crazy jealous bitchy girlfriend alert


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  • Have you been able to talk about any of this with home? Rather than talking about your insecurity how about asking him if understands that this girl might feel like they are more than friends. He probably has no idea that his attention might come across that way. What if he told you who he was texting when you are together - oh Steve wants to know how the night is going and Liz sent this funny cat pic- rather than making you feel more left out. If you have a strong foundation in your relationship a conversation about this shouldn't hurt.