When she's acting nonchalant and is sending mixed signals, is it smart to take a step back?

This is really hard for me to write, but I just need to get it off my chest. So this girl and I have been talking for two months, and things have been going (relatively) great - we have a lot of things in common, we've really hit it off, and we've both expressed strong interest through mutual friends (I've heard about things said, and I've seen screenshots of texts she's sent). We've also talked about our interest in each other briefly (a lot of emphasis on "briefly"). However, we haven't really defined the relationship. Her and I talk every day, and we talk on the phone every few days. However she's super hot and cold. When we text, she's usually equally flirty and conversational. Sometimes though, I'll write a text of length, and she'll reply with a single line of one word replies. To which, I don't usually reply. After that, she'll usually ask me something, but it's still annoying. With that, the fact that we didn't really talk a lot at the party she invited me to (mostly because I was too nervous to make an effort to, until the end; we talked about half and hour), and that she doesn't always answer my phone calls, my friends say that they're concerned she doesn't like me. My friends aren't really even that concrete in their opinion on it - they went from saying she really liked me, to that she's just playing me, to saying she does like me, so I shouldn't give up, all in the same conversation yesterday. It's this not knowing that's really stressing me out. Since I started wondering if she's serious about everything, it's been taking a toll - I've been having acne breakouts, my grades are slightly slipping (which is huge for me as an honors student) - she's all I think about. I'm just wondering if I need to take a step back, until I can talk to her about in in-person and figure out what her feelings are.

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  • Maybe she is just unsure of you? Just because there is attraction doesn't mean you get a golden ticket. She may have moments where she likes you and others she doesn't. I would cut back on the texting and conversation and take her on a date. You are young, so keep it cheap and simple. Maybe talk a walk at the park, grab something cheap to eat. Talk to her in person.. texting and phone calls suck because you can't see the persons face, or get the subtleties in what they are saying.. it is easy to read something wrong and be turned off by it.

  • I had such a situation, just forget her.