Guys when you want to take a girl on a date, if you live appart ( about 40miles) is it the guys who should go to girl's place or the contrary?

I wonder if in general guys you ask the girl to come to you and then you take care of her at your place or you generally do everything from going to her place, pick her and then take her on a date?

I love very much gentlemen and old fashion boys when it come to these questions and I wonder If it worth it to meet him if he ask ME to come to HIM.

But at the same time I'm confused because I remember several guys who asked me to come to them ( I was not as far as for this guy) and then they take care of me very well.


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  • The girl should come to him. The main reason is if you want a fun date, he knows more about his town and what there is to do than he knows about your town. If you are just going to their house, then whoever's house it is is the one expected to entertain the other and make sure they have a good time.


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  • i think if you live 40 miles apart you have the option and it's really up to the people involved. if one person asks the other out the onus is probably on them to go to the other person. but you could also pick a place in between to go out

  • I like to switch it up and try to keep it equal. Sometimes we plan a date closer to her and others it's closer to me.

    • Do you pay for her or not?

    • I always offer to pay for stuff first, but I do not always end up lying for it all because she does like to split or pay for it herself sometimes. We spoil each other and it works out.

    • *paying not lying

  • And why can't they visit each other?

    I don't live apart from her but if I did, I would still treat her as a equal. She can pick me up or spend time at my place like I would expect to be able to do at her place.
    Besides I don't drive.

    Make a deal with him, my girlfriend often joins me to the Pokémon league at Saturdays.


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