Am I just overreacting?

So, there is is girl who is kinda my girlfriend. We haven't made it official yet, but I'll just go over some things:

First of all, she lives in England, and I'm from Sweden, so we don't meet in person that often (she have family in Sweden). Last time she visited, we were at a park, We were laying on the grass, and we cuddled (u know, holding hands, her head was on my chest and stuff). We were both going to separate parties later. I was going to my friends party, and she was going to her cousins party. She got really drunk and called me up, saying that she was pretty pissed that I didn't kiss her earlier, and she kissed someone else since I didn't do it (she was really sorry when she heard me cry though. I was also very drunk).

She called me again the day after, and we talked about the day before, and she was really sorry that she got pissed over such a small thing and understood if I wanted to take it slow, and I was sorry if I made her feel like she didn't matter to me (cuz she REALLY does). So everything was going fine, I'm very excited to go to London in a month, and I consider us as boyfriend and girlfriend.

But she have been away lately. I know I might sound too scared or overdramatic, but she haven't texted me back since the day after she left (which is a week ago). I'm a bit worried that she don't like me as much anymore. I mean, we were cuddling, holding hands, she wanted to kiss me, she can't wait till i come to London, and this is only a week ago, but why is she so distant all of the sudden? Am I overthinking this?


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  • She told you she liked you (she called drunk) but that you werent taking the lead and being agressive enough to her liking (she said ahe was pissed you didn't kiss her).

    So start texting HER! First!! Its not a game. You will lose your opportinity if you do not give her what she is telling you she wants.

    Ps. Being a take charge man does not mean being a dick. It means making the first move, making decisions and plans, calling first to say hi... Things like that

    • Her sister and friends in both UK and Sweden tells me that they haven't heard from her either, so she is probably just stressed, but I will do something I'm just trying not to come off as neady as well. But thank you so much for your advice though :)

    • Yes. You dobt want to be newdy. If she said nothing and gave zero indication of interest then you would look needy, yes. But she has told you want she wants and needs. Now it is up to you to give it to her if you want to be her mate

  • No you are not


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  • I think she felt you blew your opportunity. You are not in a relationship with her. Holding hands and cuddling one day at a park is not even close to being in a relationship. She was likely open to the idea, and was waiting for the kiss to make the final judgement. When you didn't go for it, you made her mind up for her. No big deal.. just move on..

    • But, she still told me that she understand that I wanna take it slow, and she is very excited for when I come to England. We have been together more than just that time as well. I've just talked to some of her friends as well, and they haven't talked to her either.