Should I ask him to hang out or talk or just give it time?

We were friends and we dated briefly but then he told me he wasn't ready to commit to anything serious. So we went back to being friends because he didn't want to hurt me. He still acts like he really likes me though so I'm confused about what to do. Should I just wait it out and see what happens and keep being his friend? Or should I bring it up and say that I don't want to just be friends and don't mind going slow?


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  • Don't force the issue here. I'd say wait for him until he's ready. The more you push the more he's gonna back out. Let him decide for himself when he's ready and if he'll ever be. Just continue what your doing now, but let him be aware that you want to be more than friends somehow.

    • let him know I still want to be more than friends by flirting with him or telling him or what?

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