Do you deserve a quality, good looking and rich guy?

I have noticed that these days and especially on the internet all girls feel entitled and owed something, they all chase after the same guys and want the hot guy with money and status, which is normal human behaviour... until you realise they are ready to do some crazy things to get with some guys.

ignore me iam not really facing a problem or anything , looks wise girls can't get enough, iam not rich, have a car, house or money atm so i dont think iam really allowed to ask for a high quality girl.

So my question is rather simple, Do you think you deserve a handsome, tall, rich and high status bf/husband, and if so why? what do you have to offer that other women cant?

  • I deserve a good looking, rich and high status guy
  • I dont desrve such a guy
  • I want a guy like that but i dont desrve him
  • I just deserve a normal guy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly it's not about feeling as if I deserve anything. Its about finding the guy I am attracked to and who will be willing to care for me in my time of need. Who will be able to help me care for my (our) children, and God forbid if something happens to me he will need to be able to care for my (our) children. When I date guys I need to be able to see him as a father of my children someone who can help provide for my family. So dating guys that are "well to do or that are established in life" makes that vision a little more realistic. Does he have to be rich no. But he has to have the potential. Does he need to be some super model, nope; but I need to find him attractive.
    As for what I offer that other women don't, I am not sure. I analyze countless conversations I have with guys and can't find anything outstanding. I honestly just think I am lucky and blessed.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A woman isn't entitled to anything but pain, suffering, and death. Those are the only guarantees in life. It's no different for men. If you want something you have to go after it, work hard for it. If you want a respectable partner, you have to be a respectable person. If you don't want them to judge you, then don't be shallow.


What Girls Said 1

  • Depends. Like you can date a successful white guy or a black guy with a really big dick who's good in bed


What Guys Said 4

  • I get your point, but honestly they just want a guy with a stable job, stays in shape and has a life outside of her I. e some interests and passions. That was considered normal not so long ago.

    Just look around on the street if you ever go outside, look at how many women are holding hands with a 6'2 model in Prada sunglasses and Cavalli shirt?

    • no they dont since they have nothing to offer in return but every 5/10 these days thinks she deserves auch a guy

    • Do you see these 5/10's with rich attractive men at the shopping mall or supermarket? I never see it personally.

  • It doesn't matter what you think you deserve. What matters is what you get in the end.

  • deserving is moot.

  • Not all girls chase after the hot guy with money and status. Some of them chase after the guy who has the highest potential to become high status, money because they know the competition for the hot, rich guy is steep.

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