Boos and I both like the same guy?

So there's a guy at work I like. We see each other like once or twice a week for a few minutes. We flirt with each other now the problem is that it's progressing a little slowly for my liking. I want to get to know him better and I want him to ask for my number. Being a girl I don't want to offer it to him or seem overly interested so I play it cool and sometimes don't say much when he's around. the worse thing is that my boss also likes him 🙄 But he doesn't phwww 😅 So I'm in a difficult situation and don't know what to do. He has made it clear to her and to everyone else that he doesn't like her and tries to avoid her as much as he can. What do I do, I can't even tell anyone I like him at work cause it will upset my boss (she already doesn't like me much) but regardless of what she thinks I still want to get to know him and it's not possible if we briefly talk once a week. How do I hint out to him or what should I do or say.


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  • You pick, it's your job or the D 😂

  • Omg stop it. Just ask him out on a date..


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