So there I was doing some online dating. I sent a great first message, but does anyone else get responses like this?

I send a message with a good question about something they say in their profile to incite a conversation with them. And by some miracle that person actually messages me back.

But their response is just a simple answer to the question I asked them. Just one or two sentences explaining and no follow up questions to continue the conversation.

Do I take from this that they just are not interested? Like they are not interested in a conversation, but they want to tell me what underwater basketweaving is (or whatever their hobby is) just to let me know.
Or are they interested but just as awkward at making/continuing conversations as I probably am?

Should I ask another question? A one sided conversation can be pretty tough. What would you do in this situation?

Am I going about this all wrong? I heard that people want more than just a message saying 'hey'. So I try to make a witty message and usually ask a question about their profile. But with a simple answer message, it becomes difficult to continue the conversation with this dead fish conversationalist.


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  • I get messages from latinas & white girls on pof

    • And? That doesn't answer my question at all.

    • You dont have to send any cheese ball messages to get better replies or to these hoes to talk to you..
      What you need to do
      1st of all cut you dumb ass hair, shave, and please do something about those eyebrows...
      One thing these hoes on dating sites is that they like a guy with a build body & i can't confirm this to be true since I've been on both ends..
      Well there it is now get to work nerd