What does this mean in guy terms?

OK we talk via I'M every morning, we see each other everyday before work for at least 2-3 hrs..we talk all the time..we have not slept together, been doing this for almost 3 weeks now. He tells me I am gorgeous, how into me he is, how he loves spending time with me and values it, he loves talking to me, he can get lost in my eyes, but he says we are "hanging out" what is that? What in guy terms does "hanging out" mean? Is that dating? Seeing each other? I don't know what that means at all...help guys! We really like each other...just want to know what "hanging out" is supposed to mean.


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  • You're reading into that more than there actually is. Hanging out just means spending time together. This guy is obviously in love with you and would like to do more than hang out. Make no mistake - you're in.


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