(Read Description) How do I ask a girl out?

Here are some things you may need to know:
High-school Freshman
Very Shy
I have social Anxiety
Bad at conversation
Not very funny
Never had a girlfriend
Never been on a date
Never asked someone out
Easily embarrass myself
Not great looking
No idea on what I would do
Scared of trying to ask out
Terrible at trying to flirt

Please help


Most Helpful Girl

  • Work on yourself/confidence. Then you will feel more comfortable to ask her.
    When you have worked on that, then you just walk up to the girl, and ask her. Good luck! 😊


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well there is no magic pill. Your not going to just wake up one day and all of a sudden be a ladies man. You have to work for it. Start reading articles online, practice socializing by making small talk with strangers until you feel comfortable with it, be content with yourself because your relationship can't be built upon her making you happy. Because when that falls apart guess what so does your entire relationship. Be happy with yourself first as a solid foundation and you surely win.


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  • Depends on the type of girl you're trying to ask out. Personally, I know many girls who are attracted to your type; we find it super endearing. Best of luck :)
    My boyfriend was kind of like you, but he managed to up and ask me out 😊

    • Two girls I've been keeping my eye on:
      1. Shy, very smart, cute, kind
      2. Beautiful, not shy, casual person

    • For the first girl, I'd say look for the signals that she's into you, or else you might end up with a disaster; her not talking to you again, or it'll just be awkward for her.
      2) For a girl like that, she'll most likely desire a guy that can be cool, cheesy at times, and love only her.
      Sort yourself through first, then take a chance just GO FOR IT. you never know what might happen. However, if things don't turn out great, it just means the right person is still out there. As the old saying always goes, for the ugly kindhearted man, we have the blind woman.

    • I haven't talked to the 1st girl very much, I talk to the second girl more because we actually have a class together, but I am very awkward around both of them. I also don't have a class with the first girl

What Guys Said 2

  • Work on yourslef, THEN you ask a girl out

  • I have the very same problems, I guess you should take some more initiative, don't end up like me (virgin in my late 30s).

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