Guys would you mind if a girl asked you out, how would you respond? Girls have you ever asked a guy out? What did you say?

There's a guy I like but I think he may be a little shy to ask me out but I can tell he likes me, we chat very little, I see him at the gym maybe 3 times a week and he complimentsaid me saying I look good but I feel he's a bit nervous to ask me out. Is it a good idea for me to ask him out? I was planning on just being bold and walking up to him and tell him something like:

Me- hey how u doing!
Him- doing good
Me- blah blah blah
Him- blah blah blah
Me- that's cool, hey u seem pretty cool would u like to hang out sometime and maybe go out to lunch and eat something?

What do u guys and girls think about this approach?

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  • No wait until he asks you
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  • I'm too shy to ask someone out. I'm working on that though. I would be fine to be asked out but I would feel pathetic


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  • Me from 2 years ago would say "go for it!", but me from now - no. Because I'm tired of always being the one approaching. I've been with 8 guys overall, and only 1 of them approached ME. I give all the signs but they seem so oblivious about that it pisses me off. Then I ask them out and they say "yes" because daaah they are GUYS and of course they are not gonna reject a good, convenient opportunity to get some. Especially since my looks are good. All of those 7 guys ended up getting bored of me and dumping me, while only that 1 guy that asked me out really did care more about me. I mean there's nothing wrong you doing the first move, but I strongly recommend just waiting it out a little bit more and giving some more signs, because there's no better feeling when a guy you like asks you out! Then you can be sure that it took him courage and effort to actually do it and that it's not just a convenience for him, that he really likes you. And I'm sure he'll feel great if you say yes, it would mean that his natural hunting instinct got payed off.


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  • Yeah I wish more girls would do this honestly.

    • Last thing I would expect from you because based on reading your answers to questions you sound like a naturally dominant Alpha guy

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    • And I hate, despise, loathe it when girls flake or change their mind about a guy very fast in the beginning, before a first date happens or a few dates happen but no exclusivity happens, now of course I'm not saying that I am entitled, girls don't owe me anything but the worst type of rejection out there is when you feel you are finally close to something happening but then it doesn't end up happening

    • @moviedude714 Yeah that actually happens a lot. I couldn't say why, its basically down to a numbers game. Let those flakes just flake off into the sunset lol.

  • Trust me as a dude if a girl ever did that to us it would make things way easier on us cause we'd know for sure that you were interested in us lol and we would definitely take up that offer to go eat

  • i say go for it, don't let your doubts hold you back. the worst that could happen is he could say no.

  • Yes do it. Do it as soon as you see him. Don't wait around. He will be happy and think you're different since you don't follow norms. My girlfriend asked me out and my respect for her went up because I knew she must go for everything she has in life which is attractive


  • I really wish more girls did it


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