Guys, how to keep him chasing me if he knows the fact I'm interested in him and I'm a virgin by choice?

I'm 26 and he is 30. He is rigorous, hard working, career driven, and has strong sense of responsibility.

He mentioned coz of his working environment , he always looked to be a very serious person without much facial expression. But in fact when we were together, he seemed to be such a big boy who played jokes and laughed stupidly. But whenever he received any work related texts or calls he would suddenly turned back into a cold person.

We met online (a dating web for marriage purpose) 1 month ago and had 3 wonderful dates. He was the one initiated most contacts but I also texted him first.

We went for a road trip together last weekend. I confessed that I'm a virgin by choice and had my bottom line. He was surprised saying he would trust me and respect me, never broke through the bottom line.

During the trip, we kissed, hugged and lying on bed touched each others' body. He was very dominated in bed, kissed fiercely, hugged me tightly. I felt I was about to be eaten by him! He never came in but through my body he had ejaculation. He said he had never been so tired on bed and he ate lots of meat afterwards.

We had good time during the trip. He teased me, took care of me, was curious enough trying to dig out all my ex boyfriend stories. I teased him back , gave him lots of honest complimentary ( his kiss, his body, his intelligent and etc) and hugged him tightly. I was not feeling well the second on road trip. The next day after the trip, he texted me asking about my health. I also relpied that he was a really good kisser. He said it makes him blush.

Then all of a sudden, no contact for 3 days, and I sent him playful message that i miss him does he also miss me at 10pm at night. He replied Friday morning that he was hanging out with colleagues to celebrate one's promotion and was drunk.

Thats it, he didn't even ask me out this weekend and said no more words.

How to explain his behavior? Is he still interested in me? How to keep him chasing me?


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  • Are you interested in his attention or do you want to pursue a relationship?


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  • How long does it take to animals to mate?

    • He said it's not sex before marrieds can also meet the requirement. His last girlfriend was a virgin by choice too. They broke up coz the girl went abroad.

    • *no sex before marriage

    • If he says that, why is he walking away?

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