I think I'm in love, but it's complicated. Should I make a move for him?

I lied, I know I'm not in love. Honestly, it's just REALLY strong sexual attraction -- everything about him drives me crazy, I can't get him out of my head and I desperately want to make a move. The thing is, he's never showed a lot of interest (not any interest at all if I'm being honest) and a couple of months ago, I made out with a mutual friend of ours. It didn't mean anything really, but they are good friends and all 3 of us attend to a class together twice a week, which might be awkward if I really do try anything with him. So, it's complicated, and all that is holding me back from trying to get him. Should I make a move anyway? What would be a good approach?


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  • I wouldn't blind side the guy with a big feelings talk. Especially if he hasn't shown any interest. He might not think anythings there, who the hell knows.

    If a girl does anything out of the ordinary most guys will read into it way to far so you probably won't have to do much to get him thinking you are into him.

  • Try to explain how you feel, or make a sudden and advance and see how he reacts


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