I'm still angry at and hurt by this guy and I literally feel like I have a hole in my heart...what do I do?

I really like this guy who is a junior and I'm a senior, so I asked him to prom. He said yes but he's really shy and has never gone to a homecoming and isn't going to junior prom. So he texted me 2 days later saying he wasn't sure he actually wanted to go. We talked about it for a while and he apologized like 5 times and I told him it was fine and he said he still wants to talk and text because neither of us want it to be awkward. Well now apparently I annoy him when I text him (I asked if I was bothering him the other day and he said yes because he was playing video games and he isn't really big on texting anyway). We still talk in person but I'm honestly still p*ssed at him and I'm really upset and I want to cry. I think its because we never really talked about it in person...we just pretend like it never happened. And now I'm trying to find a prom date and its really difficult and I'm really stressed about it because I HATE being alone, not to mention I'm stressed about school, family, graduating, and starting college in 4.5 months. I feel like I'm going to fall apart! What do I do? Please help me! :'(


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  • Wow that sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you. While some guys are so nervous about social situations they would do something like that to get out of it who knows what he's thinking. Don't waste any more effort on him. Sounds like this guy has some problems if a girl as pretty as you is bold enough to ask him out and he turns you down. Let him play his video games if that's what he wants. You went the extra mile already and there's not much more you can do.

    Again I'm sorry that happened. Once you get into college guys get more mature. I know prom seems like a big deal but when you look back it won't be as important as it seems now. I never even went to mine if it's any consolation. Hope you meet someone nice, though.


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