How can a friend scream about her boyfriend who's been official for a week ask a few people why she feels negative about him, but still stay with him?

We were on the phone for hours and she's telling me all this shit about him. She has spoken to friends and her sister about him and we all say that 'you don't like thus guy'. I have heard about him so much that I told her that she needs to break up with this guy if she feels this angry within the first week of being official with him.

I have heard negative things about him about 4 times. Then she says she wants to give it more time, and says she spoke to him about his behaviour.

From what I have heard here is nothing in this relationship for my friend but she stays with this guy and I do not understand. His behaviour is pathetic. He is an engineer, but who the fuck cares about that when almost everything else about him is so shitty?

Why does she still try? Why do I get to have her scream into my ear about him but then he gets off fairly easily?


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  • Well, what's up with his behaviour? Your friend must have known some of these things before getting with him so its really her choice. You are being a friend by listening to all the things she's saying. If she chooses to stay its because she wants to and she sees a future with him.

    • He smokes about a pack a day, he's a workaholic, he's stressed, he asks for compliments, goes to bars with or without friends and then will rent a hotel room, he is proud of his drinking ability and only has stories about work and drinking,

      always demands that he pay for whatever outing they have, she hates the music he listens to, he does shitty things like takes selfies with her friends when they just met him,

      she has already had to put him in his place a few times and she tells me its only been a week of officially being together, he went to las vegas (live Canada so its a big trip) and told her that he is 'going to see a lot of pussy or boobs or something, he needs affection and begs for it... such as needing a kiss after going to Las vagas and telling her about more drinking stories. He's close to 30 years old, is this not fucked up behaviour?

      also how do I get my friend to see that he is a shitty guy? people have told her that she doesn't love him, or she wouldn't feel this

    • He's an adult and can do what he wants. If he wants to smoke, then he can. If he wants to drink, then he can. Is all of a surprise to her? She knew nothing of his behaviour before getting with him? Trust me, she went into it eyes wide open. This sounds to me like the usual - once we are official, then he will change type of story. I think you should stay out of it and just listen to whatever she says because she won't leave the relationship until she's ready.

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  • Cause you are allowing... her to... Next time tell her you don't wanna hear about her problems and that you are not her counsellor..


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