Do you guys want to marry sexy sluts or... are they just for pump and dump, or girlfriend material?

I mean I wouldn't want to marry these girls... I just want to fuck them cause controlling them feels nice. But she doesn't offer any stability, feelings of "love", or make me feel like I want to do anything fancy or protect her or provide for her even. Is it just me?
I want to marry a good girl, because I know I won't be inhibited and I'll be truly confident around her or even in sex because I know she's not going to compare me with 9 other dicks, but then I know she deserves the very best so I feel like she can make me into a better person...
Is this just me? If not, tell me why... these girls are rare now a days. Do girls just want to be pump and dumped? or considered legitimately not as a wifey material?
Also tell me why are girls more "Manly" now a days?


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  • All I can say is that I cheated on my fiance (who was my first boyfriend) because I got cold feet. A good girl can always become bad. Women are fluid and we aren't born set in stone.

    Was"slutty" for a few years. Had lots of fun travelling, working as escort and partying.

    Decided I wanted to be wifey material (Stopped casual sex, dressed in a classy yet sexy way) and it took me three months to meet the father of my child. We live together and plan on getting married.
    I would NEVER be unfaithful to him. He's manly and incomparable to other men.

    I find women like me always end up being more loyal and committed than innocent good girls. We love with more passion and appreciate more because we chose the right time for us to settle down.

    Plus we are more experienced in bed which makes for a happier satisfied husband ha

    • lol I don't care about experience, I actually like being the dominant one in bed, girls doing their "experienced" anything doesn't really get me off, infact I get turned off... Also I am not sure if that classy look really fits you... it's kind of like everyone's pretending... Nobody will notice if I pretend too RIGHT? but real recognize real and I guess that guy your seeing isn't real.
      Hope you don't divorce him and fuck him over... by the way you do not look 21 to me.

    • By experience I mean a girl that isn't sexually insecure.
      You can't be dominant if she's always refusing sex or nervous about herself. If you want a high level of sex in a marriage then you should pick a sexual woman.

      Anyone can wear clothes to reflect a certain vibe. Otherwise men wouldn't wear suits.
      It's still real. How we behave in the present is all that matters when it comes to love.
      I'd notice if you were fake if your current actions denied who you were trying to be.

      Divorce isn't on the table when two people plan on getting married.

  • Your explanation makes it feel like there is just two types of girl. It might just be the way you say it and I didn't understood.
    I just feel like there is way more that this among women.

    Look at me for exemple. On the outside, I look nothing like a sexy slut. I'm pretty feminine. I'm just not used to wear clothes too revealing. I'm considered a bit shy and if it weren't for my boyfriend, many would think I was still a virgin.

    Well, I'm also very curious and I had a short phase in which I had multiple partner just to try. I'm now totally settled with the love of my life and my boyfriend is actually relieved that I got to compare because i just knew what I wanted when it came to sex and I was sure of our chemistry.

    I just feel like you can't categorize women in two categories because there is so much more than that

    • well it's proven that girls who have more then 1 sexual partners, increase their divorce rates astonishingly. As they say the first time you have sex you tend to get attached to your partner. And you need this kind of love to weather storms, and push through it all. Also kids learn not just from your behaviors, you actually need to mean it when you say something. People do have feelings you know, and can tell whether or not your being "authentic." Your kids won't listen to your "wise words" if they know that you didn't follow it as people follow best by leaders who lead through example. Even though you seem one way, as soon as you emote, the fact that you had a lot of sexual history in the past, and you are getting bored quite easily will show (If your partner is emotionally sensitive). I don't want to give you any feelings of nervousness. If you have truly found the love of your life, then I am really happy for you.

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    • I guess you guys are perfect for each other. You need to be fairly equal in things to understand and appreciate each other.
      What people believe to be true, influence how they behave and feel... But it also influences how they look... I would like to see a picture of you if you are as good at hiding your past from your "aura". But hey whatever floats your boat. Free will is a thing. Latez.

    • I don't share my picture online but I'm often seen as cute and a bit shy around some people. A friend I met through my boyfriend did tell me that she would have though I was a virgin if it wasn't for him.
      I get where this all come from. I

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  • Generally speaking, I suppose no. Most guys don't want to marry these girls.