What's this guy's deal? Would you snap a pic to someone you have seen in the past while on a date?

So I've seen this guy a few times. I liked him at one point, but he wasn't really doing anything to make me think the interest was reciprocated, so I kind of just let things fall as they may.

After our first date, I sent him a text that said "I had a really great time today! It was really great going on a walk with you, thank you for showing me the trails! I would love to see you again!". And got no response from him. So I started to think that he might not be interested.

We went on one date and I went to his house once for a fire. He invited me over for a movie night once, but I had already promised my friend I would visit her. We have kept in contact mainly on snap chat. We will send each other snaps every now and then and we both send messages back and forth responding to each other's snaps.

Anyway last weekend he sent me a series of snaps. The first one was a picture of a boat on a river and he captioned it saying he had gone on a road trip. I responded saying "Where did ya go?" and he never responded. Then he sent another one while on the deck of the boat, saying "Just getting ready to take off". I saw the snapped but didn't message him anything.

Then he sent another snap a few minutes later, him in a dress shirt and a tie saying "I clean up pretty good!". I made a comment "Nice tie :P!". And then he responded "It works."

So then he sent another snap a few minutes later. It was a picture of him with a girl. It definitely looked like a date. He captioned it "Great party". I was kinda busy so I looked at it and then got busy again with my stuff I was doing (cooking dinner at the time). And then he sent another one of the boat docking. And I said "Looks like fun!".

Would any of you send a snap to someone like that? I get he has no reason to feel bad about it. But I don't know, it just seems odd to flash a date in someone's face like that.

What do you guys think?


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  • wouldn't matter what they was doing on their phone, i think its disrespectful to be even looking at a phone while out on a date


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  • *sing song voice* he's trying to make you jealous

    • I kind of figured, I just thought it was so bizarre. If anything it's turning me off lol.

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    • Lol I think I might. Oh you know just happen to show up in his small town every now and then looking all cute :) I can play this game well! :P

    • Exactly and if you can grab a hot guy because you need to show him your unavailable and don't want to be with an immature 'lil boy

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  • Maybe the girl in the picture wasn't his date..
    Possible that he's friend zoning you?
    Or he's trying to make you jealous..
    That's just weird.

    It's not cool that he ignored your text when you sent him I had a great time want to see you again text after your first date.
    You guys only been on one date?
    When you said no to his movie night date offer, did you suggest him alternative? Because you should have. If you didn't, he could have assumed you not interested?
    And him sending you the pic of him and the girl was his way of making you jealous. I don't know I need more detail haha

    • I said that I would come over next time. But he never invited me again. He had done this before with the fire too, and again I was with my friend at the time and her kids. I guess it's partially my fault for not trying to set up another time. He seemed perfectly okay with me not coming. Just told me that he would let me know next time.

    • Of course he acted perfectly okay with you not coming.
      He couldn't be upset at you or anything because he doesn't want to seem clingy or whatever.. You two only been one date. 'You declined his offer without suggestion could mean that you not that interested and turning him down nicely'.
      I done the same mistake, this guy asked me out but I already had a plan, I turned him down without giving him alternative. And he was totally cool with that so I didn't realize I made a huge mistake lol n he stopped textibg me first ever since😂 I thought he lost interest but it was me... I asked him out the following week and everything went fine.
      Maybe your guy is waiting for you to ask him for another date (since you the one said no to his offer last time.) you should ask him out.. He's been sending you snapchats that's a good sign. He's not going to say no to you after he's sent you all those snaps..

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