Am I right to not message old crush?

I had this huge crush on a coworker two years ago... I think she kinda liked me too but I was really shy...

She ended up finishing her degree, and got a better job and I haven't seen her since until I saw her Facebook profile.

I am not happy with my life, It took me a while to get a slightly better job, but I'm not happy with my career, and family stuff...

I feel like her life went in a really positive direction, and any guy that she would date would be so lucky... I don't even feel good enough for her now because my life isn't that great...

Sigh, she was a good crush, I wish things would have happened back then but they didn't... So I'm I right not to add or message her? Not to mention it's been two years...


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  • maybe.. you can start being becoming friends... and maybe somewhen something happens


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  • If you truly believe that you are not good enough for her, then you should leave her alone. Instead, use your time to work on your self-esteem because that self-defeating attitude will dog you your entire life!

    • I guess, I really suck at life... Never had a girlfriend, stuck in a job I suck at, but I need the money :(

    • The first step to making things change is realizing that the circumstances in which you find yourself are largely of your own making.

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