Only develop crushes on Classmates or Workmates?

Is this a problem?

I realized all my crushes have been at school or work...

School wasn't a problem, but work is starting to become a problem... I crushed on a coworker and she rejected me and that made things awkward :( a long time ago.

Now I really try to fight crushing on a coworker, but I have started to talk to this new girl and I'm starting to crush again... She's so pretty, smart, professional, 😍.

But I realize I never meet girls outside work and school. Is that normal? What should I do?


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  • "But I realize I never meet girls outside work and school."

    Maybe that's the reason you only develop crushes at school or at work... Plus, girls you meet in other ways will often have zero in common with you while with classmates and workmates you at least know they have ambitions and share some of the same interests.

    • I like real girls, not fake ones... When you see them every day you really get to know their values and what they are into

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    • But it makes things awkward at work :(

    • Yes, it's hard. You either have to get lucky or join the grey masses who basically just select convenient partners (which sucks balls if actual compatibility and common interests are important to you).

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