Is she acting jealous? Why?

Spanish girl I work with is sexy as hell. We are back and forth up and down. Not dating, but we work together on a project in separate areas. She used to call me at the end of the day and we'd talk for like an hour sometimes about work frustrations and some personal stuff as well. We've been off for a while now, but last week she scheduled a meeting with me for an hour and half. The first hour we spent talking about investments for some reason. Then we worked another half hour. We were in the cafeteria working and another girl came to meet her for lunch and sat close and waved. And we kept working, I think she forgot about lunch with her bc twenty minutes later she comes over and says, "hey we can reschedule" and she goes "no we're finished!" and it got kind of awkward and I left. She had borrowed my charger.

Later she is texting me that she's close to my desk and she has my charger. So I come over and she comes to my desk. Another super cute latina girl passes us and she makes a real snarky comment about her as she passes us. I was like what the hell? Anyway we end up working together for another hour and then she just gets up and leaves awkwardly. What's her deal?

Thanks ladies


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  • Bipolar

  • who cares... she might likes you..

    • what you mean who cares? thoughts?

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