I'd be doing the right thing right?

So, I met this girl, thought we hit it off. Asked her on a date over the weekend but she said she had plans (aka rejected, but I respect that and moved on). Since then, she opens snapchats and so on, but doesn't reply to them. Even when its just a question about something in class we learned. I dismissed her as being a "relationship" as I said, but still wanted to keep a positive atmosphere with her because I see her in class everyday. I tried being nice and just sending a snap, asking how things were, but again no reply. I try on more time a couple days later and again, opened but no reply (she opens them fairly fast as well). So, that being said, its the right thing to do to just stop contacting her correct? I mean, I tried twice, and just wanted to keep things friendly and positive but just cut contact correct?


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  • Stop trying. She's not making a effort to stay in contact and is probably hoping you'll get the point and will eventually stop trying. She might be doing that to avoid any awkward confrontations


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  • It seems VERY clear from her behavior that she is not interested in a relationship or being friends. One rejection over a date... sure. That happens all the time. I've become good friends with people after the prospect of a relationship was rejected.

    But the subsequent ignoring of your "hello"s is rude on her part, although she probably does not want to make any indication that she's interested at all. Guys who look at a girl as a potential girlfriend at any point in time often make up fairy tale scenarios in their brains. If she were to start chatting with you and you two get along well, a LOT of guys will interpret "getting along well" as "she wants my penis".

    Essentially, by asking her out, some girls will not consider you a potential friend in any form. Mostly because those girls have probably encountered a guy who they rejected before, and "became buddies", but the guy always harbors a secret crush on her - making it awkward.


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