I'm in love with a guy whom I just met twice and who's gonna leave in 2 mos, is it worth it?

Its so rare for me to meet someone like him. It sounds silly but yes, it was love (and lust) at first sight. I've been dating around and no guy has ever made me feel this way, except for him.

Well, he likes me too and we just hit it off. First date, we were together for 5 hours and it was the best date I've experienced and second date, again it was such a good time. (No sex yet)

After our date, we kept in touch everyday.

I want to hold onto these feelings and just enjoy until he leaves in November but at the same time, im scared of how it'll affect me after :(

what should i do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Great question - in ten years looking back on this moment will you be glad you suffered heartache for a guy you'll never see again that you only spent a few months with? Or will you be glad you walked away saving yourself from heartache and pain that was going to be a hundred times worse if you did spend those few months with him?
    Only you know you - what sounds better?

    • I would probably choose a bitter-sweet ending.

    • that sounds like the you from now talking not a more mature ten years down the road who knows it's not worth it. But do what you think is best

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd get out of it before your heart gets mutilated

    • I know but i guess i want to see how things will work in the end. But regardless, im happy at the moment.