Awkward situation. need advice?

So I went out with this guy. we hit it off and everything. he was super about me and I was with him. We met up with his best friend and hung out which was awesome. while the guy I was on a date with went and got some drinks, his best friend was like hey what's your snapchat. So I gave it to him. He has been sending me stuff now, not bad or anything. Is he just being nice, or trying to cut in, or trying to help his best friend out with getting with me? I just don't want the guy I like to think I'm trying to get at his friend.


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  • Your first mistake was giving him your Snapchat. If your interested in a guy and while on a first date you give your info to another man you have just undercut him. Next time this happens politely say you don't give it out before you know someone, or make a joke and change the subject. If he doesn't make a fuss about it and keeps seeing you, then include him in it. Take pictures with him and make it clear that he is your focus and send them to his friend. It's okay to be friends with his friends and is even a good thing as the relationship continues to grow. Just treat his friend as if he isn't that important. Respond to his snaps but be aloof and not terribly invested. Moral of the story just focus on the guy you like and make sure he knows it.


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  • Ignore his friend.
    Not like completely ignore him but You don't need to reply to his snapchat.. Or reply it every 6-7 snaps. And tell your guy about it.
    Don't talk to him in a serious tone though be super light and casual like 'hey so your friends been sending me tons of snapchat your friend is on it all the time' say it like its a no big deal.. Then your guy is going to be either 'haha yeah he does that to everyone' and laugh it off OR he will sense something.