Is he hiding me?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 months now but I still haven't met any of his friends, he doesn't like PDA and won't post pictures of us together. Is he trying to hide me? If so, why? Should i be worried or is this normal?


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  • Girl I've been with 4 guys before my Husband and all 4 were cheaters and players. They all did this exact thing! my husband was never like this, EVER.

  • I would give him some time. Maybe he is a private person. And if it's still the same thing, I would take a pic and say that I was going to post in on fb or something to see what his reaction was. If he over reacts to that I would confront him.

    But I know what u mean. I like to be shown off too

    • Haha exactly! I want him to be proud of me or something.. He's also super super super protective of his phone... Like SUPER protective

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    • are u guys official official?

      I say wait a while. try not to overthink so much it'll drive u crazy.
      pay attention how he acts when u try to publicize ur relationship. observe how he is with his phone. then confront again.

      if he's still being shady, that relationship is not worth it. if u feel like u can't trust him

    • Yea we've been official official for 3+months. Thanks for the advice! :)

  • He might be shy. You should ask him if your Wondering.

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