My girlfriend can be very shy?

She always gets shy around me and we just started dating, I think it's kinda cute when she gets shy. She says she wants to do some things, never specifies and I don't make her say, but she says she wishes she could. Since she's younger I said we'll go at her pace, and she said ok. Then said after a few days that that's not a good idea because she gets too shy then doesn't do what she wanted to, what should I do or say?


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  • first question.. how much younger are you talking?

    • I'm 17 she's 16

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    • Okay, thank you so much, she said she wasn't sure going at her pace was a good idea, just realized i had a typo in question. I'll make sure she knows exactly what going at her pace means, again thank you so much.

    • Just tell her when the right time comes she'll feel it. No problem buddy! Good luck!

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  • take your time, go at her pace, don't push her. ever.

    • Okay and I don't plan on it. Not a big fan of dominating/jerk boyfriends

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