How can some people move from relationship to relationship so fast?

I have a couple friends whose boyfriends either were deployed (military) or they just stopped seeing each other. The girl whose boyfriend was deployed, she knew he'd come back but she still broke up with him and started seeing someone else right after he left. The girl who just stopped seeing her boyfriend acted like it was no big deal and just found someone else right away. Every time I hear someone say this I always say I'm so sorry and it must be terrible, etc. The guy I loved (we never officially dated, we were kinda always at that weird close friends/sorta maybe together stage) moved and almost six months later, I still can't get into any other guys (plus he promised we'd see each other eventually so I'm kinda waiting for him to see what happens with us later). I still even cry about him sometimes.

But anyway, how can some people go from relationship to relationship so fast with no time of crying/being heartbroken?


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  • Because 1, their desperate to have a sexual relationship. 2. they want somebody right away because their afraid to be alone. 3. It makes them more miserable being by themselves. 4. In the LDR situation, usually the issue is that one of them is very clingy and needs the other partner there, so they drop it for somebody who's close to home. 5. They have to keep up with everybody who's dating and it really all depends on their hidden intentions for dating.

    Its what you call relationship hopping. They date and find partners within 24 hours 7 days out of the freaking week! Yes, it drives me crazy too, because it shows that the person is not stable minded.

    • Haha I just don't get it because it took me years to find anyone (never had a date to anything in high school, not even when I was in dual enrollment at my local college)... not that I needed to date at 14 anyway, but the point being that there's these people who have an endless supply of guys/girls and I just don't understand lol

    • What I just said is exactly why. Another irrational reason could be to find a marriage partner. Now I'm all for marriage young and finding a decent and suitable spouse. But when you hoping from one relationship to the next, its a major problem. Because it becomes so much of a habit down the road, nobody is going to want to tolerate that.

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