Does he like me or just wants to be friends?

So this guy is a guy that works with my sister. My sister is his lead. I just got transferred to their department 2 months and 2 weeks ago I got transferred to the day shift. I knew him from before from going to her desk :) when I switched shifts I started having lunch with him and one day he didn't come so I messaged him and told him I missed him at lunch. And he was like you missed me huh :) and we chatted about what kind of food we like. The next day he messaged me and said he was going out to lunch again. I was like you should get me something and he invited me to go with him. It was going to be just us but he invited my sister at the last minute and that was a bummer but it was still fun :)

After that I friended requested and he accepted seconds later.

Last night I messaged him and we been talking on and off most of the day today. I feel like we're flirting but I'm not sure if that is how he sees it.

Does he like me, like I like him? Or are we just friends.

Also if it doesn't work out it could be awkward between my sister and him maybe.

Also I just want to be direct and say I find him attractive so if he rejects me it won't hurt as much


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  • Stop worrying and seeking solutions to problems that haven't happened yet. You like this guy. Take action. From what you tell me he is interested. Guys don't use their phones as often as this unless they havr a girl they like on the other end. He is interested and worrying about your office situation is not helping you at all. Everyone has been in a relationship and guess what? Not all of them work out. No one in that building has 100% success with relationships. Get more obvious, but make it fun. Tell him about shows you want to see or movies or art instillations at the museum. Just drop opportunities for him to ask you to hang out all over his face. Then, when you have him alone, get fucking close to him. He can't possibly miss it if you are grabbing on to his arm and pulling him places, or leaning your head on his shoulders when you sit together. If you put up a neon sign while making him cross the line he either will and you'll have what you want, or he won't and you move on and be friends.

    • Thanks for your good advice :)

    • Thanks for your advice but he doesn't like me. I shouldn't have known that :(

    • Ha-ha stop that. Don't beat yourself up over it. Now you know for sure and that is ten times better than wondering endlessly. Just be a good friend and someone else will come along.

  • Ask him if he is single, then ask him out.

    Talk to your sister too, make sure she is okay with it.

    Sounds like he likes you :)

    • Thanks for your advice. When I first met him I thought he had a girlfriend but they broke up in the last few months

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    • I'm so sorry :(

      I was rejected by a girl who led me on too.

      It really hurts, I know it's hard but you can't take it personally... maybe he was just being friendly, maybe he would have felt awkward dating because of your sister...

      Realize that you asked him out, you now know his answer... that took a lot of courage...

      You won't be wondering in the future, all the what ifs are gone.

      Just focus on something else right now to get your mind off of it, hobbies, working out, cleaning up, movies...

      And I am here for you too :) if you want to talk.

    • It doesn't matter why now... because you shouldn't waste any more time on him... and another guy who loves you is out there in this world!

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