Guys, would you still make an eye contact and smile to a girl who you know likes you but you don't feel the same?

For few weeks now I've been making an eye contact followed with a smile and a "hi" with a guy I like. We work together but we are not friends, we just pass each other every day in the hallway. Sometimes even few times a day. I'm a little bit confused, I'm pretty sure he figured that I like him because I'm kinda obvious (I blush so easily!). I even asked his good friend if he has a girlfriend, there's no way he didn't told him. I mean if he doesn't like me wouldn't he be avoiding me? If he does like me by some chance, why isn't he approaching me?


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  • Just because I am not interested in a woman doesn't mean I have to ignore and not speak to her when she speaks to me.

    • So you think he's not interested in me?

    • He could be interested. Maybe he is shy. Maybe he has a girlfriend. Maybe he is not interested. Maybe he doesn't date work colleagues.